When we started Caffè Nero, our intention was to cultivate our family feel and grow a business rich with integrity. Now with over 500 stores in the UK alone we continue to take our responsibility to develop a fair and ethical company seriously. We think responsibly for our business and everything we do - how it impacts our local communities, our suppliers, our staff and the environment.

We are proud of our reputation for producing excellent espresso based coffee. This reputation has been built on sourcing high quality coffee beans to consistently deliver great coffee to our customers.

The majority of coffee beans in our unique blend are sourced from clearly identifiable and traceable sources. However, the varieties of high quality beans in our blend, and the complexity of a ‘direct buying’ approach means it is not always possible to purchase every bean in this way. Our objective nonetheless is to change this - and we are working hard to achieve it.   

We recognise that for sustainable high quality coffee it is essential that farmers and their communities be rewarded for maintaining standards. It is important not just for coffee but also of the farm and social conditions in which coffee is grown. We source high quality coffee at premium prices which acts as a major incentive for growers to maintain these standards and we believe via this route, we can achieve the same aim as organisations with similar objectives.

Keeping things healthy

We are dedicated to providing high quality, fresh food that caters for a range of tastes and choices such as healthier options.

Our food development team constantly assess the nutrition of our range of food and continue to strive to reduce salt and fat contents or offer alternative products to give customers a choice. We use labelling and shelf signage to highlight products that are low in fat or calories and all our nutritional information is on our website.

We are committed to driving animal welfare standards, and working towards using 100% cage free eggs in all our ‘own brand’ products across all stores.

Currently, we are 100% free range on the whole eggs used in our savoury range of products. We are committed to ensuring that all our ‘own brand’ products will contain cage-free eggs by 2021.

Waste and recycling

If you have ever wondered what we do with the waste from our stores the good news is we recycle or recover as much as we possibly can. Recycling turns it back into something similar to its original state and recovery is when the waste is used to generate a secondary benefit, for example using food waste to generate energy through Anaerobic digestion.

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Modern Slavery Statement

In response to the Modern Slavery Act, we engaged with an external consultancy to undertake an exercise to better understand our potential exposure to modern slavery risks our direct business supply chain. For each business area, we reviewed factors such as a recruitment practises, working
conditions and geographical location. We are using this information to determine and prioritise practical and robust actions.

Read our full statement here