We offer a wide range of food; whether you need to grab breakfast on the way to work, you are having a bite to eat with family and friends or you fancy an afternoon sweet treat. A brief overview of our food menu is below but rather than read about our food' come in and taste it!

Our range of Panini bread sandwiches has been the backbone of our sandwich range for many years now. 

We use bread made using the principles of an old Italian method and fresh fillings inspired by Italian recipes and ingredients. 

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Our philosophy has been to find interesting bread baked by real bakers and top quality fresh ingredients, which together can make a superb sandwich.

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Viennoiserie to be more exact. Our Butter Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and Pain au Raisin are imported from France. French flour and of course French butter are critical to these products and we found we just could not find the equivalent high quality products in the UK.

Our counter baskets would not be complete without our Caffè Nero muffins. These are made to our exact recipes – blueberry muffins bursting with blueberries, and we only use Belgian chocolate in the Triple Chocolate Muffin.

Fresh soup is nourishing, healthy and a joy to eat. We try to keep our soups as natural and wholesome as you would find in any Italian kitchen, in fact we use only organic ingredients.The barista will heat up your soup, and serve it for you in a bowl complete with a piece of ciabatta bread.

Our salads use the freshest ingredients, and provide an alternative to toasted panini or a hot soup.

Most of our cakes, desserts and biscuits are created for us to our own Caffè Nero recipes. We try to provide a wide variety from our classic Chocolate Fudge Cake, to the Italian Panettone and the chewy Triple Chocolate Cookie – you should find your perfect sweet treat to enjoy with your coffee.  

Our porridge is freshly made for you behind the bar, using premium Scottish oats and your choice of milk - semi skimmed, skimmed or soya, or even water if you prefer.

For a topping, we have complimentary brown or white sugar, or an optional extra would be your choice of maple sauce or berry compote.