Through our music choice we hope to encourage a tranquil, mellow morning atmosphere, typically playing light classical or opera before 11am and then pick up tempo with Latin music or jazz which moves to acoustic and other cool genres in the afternoon.         If you want to listen to some of the new music we have recently selected just click on the radio at the top right of the page. 

We’ve supported talented grass root musicians (many of whom haven’t even been signed yet) for many years now and we allow them to reach and develop an audience through Caffè Nero.

Our Artist of the Month holds intimate free of charge gigs in our cafes across the UK, has exposure in our cafes via leaflets and posters and of course we play their music every afternoon during their month!

There is always something interesting and exciting happening with our music programme so check out what’s going on at the moment below. 

Artist of the Month

Gizmo Varillas

Caffè Nero started playing the music of Gizmo Varillas fairly recently but already 10 of his tracks are playing in all stores which puts him up there with Mozart! Meanwhile the cult of Gizmo Varillas continues to grow with UK and US tastemakers at BBC 6 Music and KRCW coming across and championing someone they see as a major new emerging talent. Racking up critical acclaim across Daytrotter, CLASH Magazine, Indie Shuffle and Uncut amongst others, supporting Jack Savoretti on his European tour as well as his own sold-out show at Ronnie Scott’s, Gizmo consolidates one of the breakthroughs of the year with an official Yoko Ono-approved new track ‘No War’.

The fourth release from Gizmo, following on from his debut EP ‘El Dorado’ contains one of the select number of samples of The Beatles’ John Lennon’s ever cleared by his estate and is one of the notably few reactionary tracks confronting the current political climate.

Continuing his unique combination of folk tinged with South American tropicalia, ‘No War’ conjures the ethereal harmonies and melodies of the likes of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear, whilst stamping his subtle Latin influence across it. An intoxicating sound as timeless as it is genuinely exciting - Gizmo has played every instrument, arranged and produced every record he’s released. Urgent, bold and inventive, ‘No War’ continues to mark Gizmo as a cult gem of a star in waiting.

We hope to persuade Gizmo Varillas to do some Caffè Nero live gigs including the Cornbury Festival but in the meantime you will hear his music every day in all Caffè Nero stores at approximately 15.30. Enjoy!

Hear Gizmo's music