Through our music choice we hope to encourage a tranquil, mellow morning atmosphere, typically playing light classical or opera before 11am and then pick up tempo with Latin music or jazz which moves to acoustic and other cool genres in the afternoon.         If you want to listen to some of the new music we have recently selected just click on the radio at the top right of the page. 

We’ve supported talented grass root musicians (many of whom haven’t even been signed yet) for many years now and we allow them to reach and develop an audience through Caffè Nero.

Our Artist of the Month holds intimate free of charge gigs in our cafes across the UK, has exposure in our cafes via leaflets and posters and of course we play their music every afternoon during their month!

There is always something interesting and exciting happening with our music programme so check out what’s going on at the moment below. 

Artist of the Month


In October we are featuring a very talented singer/songwriter every day at 15.30 in all Caffè Nero’s. Lenny is a singer/songwriter/pianist with a unique voice and is also a very fine songwriter. Originally from the Czech Republic she is now based in the UK. We first discovered her talent early in 2015 and since then she has played numerous live gigs in Caffè Nero, always to great acclaim.

She started playing the piano at the age of four, and aged eleven composed her first song. At the same time she started performing with her mother (a famous Czech singer) and accompanied her on piano on tours throughout Europe, Australia, America and Canada.

In 2013 Lenny signed a contract with Universal Music and in June 2013 she released her first EP ALL MY LOVE which has attracted consistent and widespread critical acclaim as well as a large and growing number of fans. Since this release, Lenny has received multiple nominations and awards; most importantly she was awarded Breakthrough Artist Award at the Czech Grammy “Anděl“ awards.

Lenny, recently completed her three-year song writing studies at London’s British Institute of Modern Music and has been extensively touring throughout the Czech Republic including appearances at some of the biggest festivals. She also supported Macy Gray during her concert in Prague last year.

Her long-awaited debut album HEARTS was released in September and her current single HELL.O, which came out at the beginning of the summer has been play listed across the UK.

Her extraordinary voice, impressive stage presence and strong songs need to be heard and seen so if you get the chance try and get to one of her live gigs. And in the meantime enjoy hearing her in Caffè Nero.

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