Historically coffeehouses have always been much more than a place just to have a coffee, they were more a cultural hub where people could share their ideas. They have been given various names throughout history; the Ottoman’s called them ‘Schools of Wisdom’ and in London during the 1650s they were called Penny Universities. They were democratic and a hot bed of ideas shared between writers, politicians, businessmen and scientists.

At Caffè Nero we’ve always held dear the roots of these original coffee houses and have encouraged the continuation of sharing of ideas within our cafes. We want businessmen and women, students, writers, philosophers, scientists, artists and musicians to all feel at home in our cafes as much as customers meeting for their book or drama clubs or simply wanting to catch up with their family and friends. 

To enrich our customers’ visits to our stores and to help promote and encourage cultural discussion and debate we fostered a relationship with the Arts which we’ve had for well over ten years now.  We have always ensured that we support quality art and cultural events and work with carefully chosen partners who share our passion and commitment.

We are really proud to support and showcase some of the greatest exhibits and performances in the UK and internationally within our cafes. We work with a number of great organisations like Tate Britain, Tate Modern, the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Portrait Galleries, Ashmolean Museum, The British Museum, Italian Cinema London and smaller organisations on a more local level too.  

Some of our customers' favourites and the most popular exhibitions we have supported over the years are: the RSC’s celebration of 100 years of English History, The Tutankhamen exhibition at the O2, the Rothko exhibition at the Tate Modern (as well as more recently the Gauguin exhibition), The First Emperor at the British Museum and the Tate Britain’s ‘Turner Whistler Monet’ exhibition.

We pioneered in the UK the promotion of art exhibitions on our take away cups – making them a piece of art almost in their own right and something that certainly brightens up your day whilst having your morning coffee.  Plus we always have information about new exhibitions and performances on our loyalty cards, in-store leaflets and posters and occasionally run customer competitions to win free tickets so keep an eye out for what is happening when you visit us.

We’ve always been passionate about music. We believe that great music is an essential ingredient in helping us create the right ambiance in our cafes.

We want the music in our cafes to be interesting, inspiring and eclectic and to offer unknown artists an opportunity to showcase their talents.

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